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What is is an open community of tech & dev enthusiasts from the Burgas area with various backgrounds, skill levels, professional experience & occupation.

It is a community driven by tech people for tech people.

What are events about

Well, if you’re reading this - you are considering becoming a speaker at and we have some great news for you - our community is interested in all kind of dev-related topics - how to build software, what to build it with, which tools to use, how to set up our environments, our processes, our servers, where to host, how to host, what mistakes to avoid, what architectures can we use, what paradigms & principles to follow ... whew, so many things! Feel free to pick anything you feel may be interesting to the audience!

But that’s not all! At our events we have two separate topic tracks. First one is strictly technical but the second one we call “Being a developer” and it covers a whole different set of topics including everything and anything that relates to our lifestyle, careers, nerd hobbies and business interests.


We're gonna get back to you when we have an event suitable for your topic!

ThE CHECKLIST Being a speaker @

  • Pick a topic you’re passionate about ... or at least interested in - the audience values authenticity, we all wanna hear you speak about stuff you’re genuinely interested in rather than generic topics you have no personal interest in
  • Pick a controversial or an unexplored topic over the mundane - what’s mundane? Testing. What’s unexplored - a new ultra-hyped tech. What’s controversial - why not to do things as most people do
  • Pick an advanced topic over a beginners topic - the value of tech events is unevenly spread among senior and more junior attendees and keeping more experienced members of the community interested is important - if you can provide value to them - do so
  • Don’t dumb it down intentionally - yes, there will be people in the audience that don’t get every word or point you make. Well, there might even be people that don’t get a single word you say, but ... what we do on a daily basis is not easy, not every term can be defined when trying to explain an advanced concept
  • Prioritize concepts & experience over specifics & manuals - we can all read documentation, we can all run an example or two, we can all watch a “top 10” youtube video. Give us an insight, tell us about your experience and try to extract what’s valid on a more generic level. Concepts we can discuss afterwards & take home but code
    snippets we can’t
  • Be funny ... or at least don’t be too serious - there is a soft spot where educational can be funny, try to find it. This is not an academy or a course, we’re allowed to use memes, we’re allowed to name things the way we want to, this is not a formal gathering, people are there to hear you after work, 100% serious mode is already off
  • If you don’t plan on staying until the very end - don’t bother - best case scenario - your presentation went great and it sparked a lot of interest, many people will want to have a word with you, discuss what you said, or simply hear your thoughts on other topics they want to hear your opinion about. Save the whole evening for the event
  • Meet everyone - being the social creatures we all devs are - we need a bit of a push sometimes to get out of our shelves. Networking is a very tough ask for 1st, 2nd or ... as a matter of fact 5-time-comers. Be the icebreaker, you just gave a talk, you’re at the spotlight, everyone knows you by now, your story’s been told - people will stay
    in groups of 2 to 10. Most of the people will already know each other and will play it safe talking to their acquaintances. Your job is to keep everyone that’s new around as long as you can - approach them first (look for groups of 2-3 people), introduce yourself, ask if this is their first BurgasDev event, ask them how did they find
    out about us, ask them what they do, where they work ... pull them into a conversation with others around, make them feel comfortable and invite them to join next time (give also a talk maybe?)
  • Don’t stress over it. Smile 🙂